Ambulance Services

Emergency 911

Gilbertsville Area Community Ambulance Service is here to provide Emergency Ambulance Service to the residents in our surrounding communities. We provide non emergency transports to medical centers and physicians offices with a 48 hour notice. Our organization provides CPR/First Aid Classes and public demonstrations upon request. Residents may also bring used syringes in sealed containers to our facility for disposal. We presently have three ambulances to provide service 24 hours per day. The Board of Directors meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Ambulance building, and the public is invited to attend by invitation. Residents should have their house numbers clearly displayed. The office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

2012 Board of Directors

  • President - John M. Koltonuk
  • Vice President - Rebecca Zern
  • Secretary - Deborah Neiman
  • Treasurer - Jessica Korne
  • Board Member (A1)- Warren Moser
  • Board Member (A2) - Louise Petro
  • Board Member (B1) - Ronald Barrett
  • Board Member (B2) - Ian Hoffman
  • Chief of Operations - Garry Schmoltze
  • Corporate Solicitor - Matthew Doll
  • Financial Solicitor - Jack Wolfe
  • Solicitor at Large - Dennis O'Connell
  • EMS Solicitor - Christie Mellott

Administrative Assistant

  • Julie Kastle

ALS Coordinator

  • John Harper

Employee/Volunteer Staff Representatives

  • Deputy Chief - Edward Wood
  • Assistant Chief 1 - Joseph Groff
  • Captain 1 - John Harper
  • Captain 2 - Vacant
  • Lieutenant - Matthew Swanson
  • Trustee #1 - Craig Neiman
  • Trustee #2 - Eric Brady
  • Trustee #3 - Matthew Swanson
  • EOC Liaison - Matthew Swanson
  • Safety Officer - Julie Kastle
  • Training Officer - Stephen Schaeffer
  • Chief Engineer - Craig Neiman
  • BLS Quartermaster - Steve Ziemba
  • Recycling Coordinator - Stephen Ziemba


Gilbertsville Area Community Ambulance was formed and charted July 15, 1982 to provide Basic Life Support for our surrounding communities. March 1st 2003, Gilbertsville Area Community Ambulance Service received licensure as an Advanced Life Support Service, providing Paramedics twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to our surrounding community. We employ Twelve Paramedics, Twenty Emergency Medical Technicians, and a Full Time Administrative Assistant.


Ambulance subscription memberships are available either by individual or family at the ambulance office.
Annual Membership information is mailed to our residents by the end of the present calendar year.

Corporate Address

Gilbertsville Area Community Ambulance Service
91 Jackson Road
Post Office Box 332
Gilbertsville, PA 19525-0332

610-367-9191 or 610-367-5995
610-369-3931 Fax Number